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PhotoDeck Terms and Conditions

This website relies on technology provided by the PhotoDeck Service. Registering or making a purchase on this website creates a User account on the PhotoDeck Service, and the following Terms and Conditions apply in addition to this website's own terms. (See also: PhotoDeck Privacy Policy)

Purpose of the PhotoDeck Service

The purpose of the website ("the Site"), owned and operated by PhotoDeck (SARL) ("the Owner"), is to provide photographers, video producers, and their authorized representatives ("Subscribers") the technical means ("Service") to publish, market, license, sell and distribute their images, video clips and other products ("Subscriber Content"), in digital or physical format, to visitors of the Site ("Users").

To that aim, the Site provides Subscribers with the technical means to design and operate their own customizable, brandable website that hosts Subscriber Content. The Site is not involved in the Licensing and Sales of Subscribers content, including payment collection, which happen directly between the Subscriber and the Subscriber's clients (Users).

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